How To Easily Install Windows 10 on Mac OS Sierra Using Boot Camp Assistant.

In this post I am going to show you how to install windows 10 on Mac OS sierra dual boot by boot camp assistant.
First download a window 10 ISO image.

To download a windows 10 image just open a browser and search windows 10 download

Open a first Microsoft website to download it.

Download link

download windows 10

Select windows 10 and click on confirm than choose language. After that choose 64-bit download.  Click on save file. Wait until  download is finished.

But, before run to boot camp assistant to install windows 10. Your mac has been updated otherwise boot camp will not run.

To update it click on icon shown in below picture and click on update all, put your apple id and password if asked. Wait until all update get finished. After update system restart automatically otherwise restart your Mac.

update Mac OS Sieera

Now we have Install Windows 10 using Boot Camp Assistant

Now open a boot camp assistant. For open it, go to application here you will find out Utilities than you can see Boot camp assistant. Just open it to get start it. Click on continue.

Boot camp Assistant

Than you have to select a windows 10 ISO file here. After that Choose what amount of space partition you have to want for windows and mac as per your requirement. Minimum 60 GB required for windows. Just click on install.

After click on install button it will ask password of  your mac to make changes, than system will reboot and start with windows logo screen.

Than you will install windows 10 as usual (All Steps are same as windows 10 normal installation). When windows will get install completely and reboot you have find below image. Click on next button.

It will install all the hardware drivers according to your hardware. Click on finish button. Now connect your PC with WiFi  for internet connectivity. Than go to the start menu and click on apple software update.

Apple software update all the drivers of your hardware. Select all and update .

Congratulation now you have successfully installed a window 10 on mac by boot camp assistant.

Now one main  question is that how to switch windows and mac.

For this there is a simple method just hold the option key on keyboard while system restarting  after that you can choose which OS you want to run. Choose windows or mac than enter.

You can also watch video. This video showing you step by step instruction.

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